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The Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) project combines the latest generation of ground-based and space-borne survey facilities to study the evolution of mass, energy and structure over the past few billion years. Here we provide access to the imaging data which supports the 200-night AAT spectroscopic campaign which ran from 2007 to 2014. The GAMA team remains strongly committed to open access on as fast a timescale as resources allow.

More details on GAMA and its science case can be found on our main survey site.

We would like to acknowledge financial support from ICRAR, AAO, ARC, STFC, RS and ERS, and user feedback is most welcome.

Current data access restrictions

- The H-ATLAS data is embargoed until after the full H-ATLAS release (visit H-ATLAS for data release dates and further updates).

- The GAMA PDR catalogue is on hold until the corresponding paper has completed the refereeing process and the full H-ATLAS data set has been made available to the public.

- LAMBDAR data ...

The GAMA Panchromatic Swarp Imager (PSI) is a multi-band image cutout routine for all GAMA objects. The PSI allows users to explore and download the GAMA survey imaging data for single or multiple objects through a catalogue or cone search.

Left: G105597 composite RGB image, [SDSS g, i, VIKING K]


The LDR is a public release of consistent 21-band photometry, for 221,369 sources in the GAMA Equatorial fields, measured using the LAMBDAR program. LDR photometry is currently embargoed, and will become available on 01-June-2016. View Data Release page.

Panchromatic Data Release

The GAMA Panchromatic Data Release (PDR) represents the largest panchromatic dataset ever assembled, and comprises 230 deg 2 of imaging with photometry in 21 bands. Details can be found in Driver et. al (2015).

Please note many of the Swarped images are large (~80GB) and the complete dataset amounts to 10TB, all data is available online or as a hard copy on . We would like to especially thank all the people associated with the GALEX, SDSS, VST, UKIDSS, VISTA, WISE and Herschel facilities and associated teams for the acquisition, provision and assistance which has led to the construction of the GAMA PDR.


We would like to acknowledge financial support from ICRAR, AAO, ARC, STFC, RS and ERS, and user feedback is most welcome.
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